Welcome To Eilat

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Israel's southern port and tourism city ● The following guide is an A-Z directory in four languages and includes all that our city offers its tourists and visitors ● We are proud to announce that 'Trip Advisor' has ranked Eilat in seventh place as one of the most popular and recommended target trip destinations for 2018, among a distinguished list of countries such as Hawaii, Brazil, Spain, etc ● Eilat offers you a warm and exciting vacation, with an atmosphere that suits everyone from relaxing on the beach and around the pool, high adrenaline activities and spectacular experiences of nature ● Eilat offers accommodation of all categories and prices, a variety of excellent restaurants offering international cuisine and of course, a non-stop shopping experience, the only city in Israel that is VAT free ● Do not miss the unique benefits coupons found in this booklet…
Welcome To Eilat


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